My papers are also available on my arXiv page. And here is my MathSciNet page.

12. Normal generators of Torelli groups — (pdf) (arXiv)
   with Lei Chen

11. Twisting cubic rabbits — (pdf) (arXiv)
   with Rebecca R. Winarski

10. Mapping class groups with the Rokhlin property — (pdf) (arXiv) (journal)
   with Nicholas G. Vlamis
   Mathematische Zeitschrift, (2022)

9. Curve graphs of surfaces with finite-invariance index 1 — (pdf) (arXiv) (journal)
   with Marissa Loving
   Glasnik Matematicki, (2022)

8. Universal bounds for torsion generating sets of mapping class groups — (pdf) 

7. Constraining mapping class group homomorphisms using finite subgroups — (pdf) (arXiv)
   with Lei Chen, submitted

6. Recognizing topological polynomials by lifting trees  — (pdf) (arXiv) (journal)
   with James Belk, Dan Margalit, and Rebecca R. Winarski
   Duke Mathematical Journal, (2022)

5. Centers of subgroups of big mapping class groups and the Tits alternative — (pdf) (arXiv) (journal)
   with Marissa Loving
   Glasnik Matematicki, (2020)

4. Adding a point to configurations in closed balls — (pdf) (arXiv) (journal)
   with Lei Chen and Nir Gadish
   Proceedings of the AMS, (2020)

3. How to hear the shape of a billiard table — (pdf) (arXiv)
   with Aaron Calderon, Solly Coles, Diana Davis, & Andre Oliveira, submitted  

2. Normal generators for mapping class groups are abundant — (pdf) (arXiv) (journal)
   with Dan Margalit
   Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici (2022)

1. Generating mapping class groups with elements of fixed finite order — (pdf) (arXiv) (journal)
   Journal of Algebra, (2018)

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