Links related to Justin Lanier’s “The End of Outreach” talk

Part 1:

My academic website:

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF):

“Outside In” about sphere eversion:


Continental Mathematics League:

PROMYS for Teachers:

New York Math Circle:

University of Arizona REU 2010:

The Math Encounters talk series at MoMath:

Math Munch:

TEDx talk about Math Munch:

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM):

Math is Personal: A smOOC about Identity, Exploration, and Sharing:

Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere (MTBoS):

Mod Squad:


“Building Equity-minded Online Programs”:

paraDIGMS (Diversity in Graduate Mathematical Sciences):

Part 2:

PBS Infinite Series:

Quanta Magazine:

The Aperiodical:

AWM Student Essay Contest:

A word from Francis Su:

Talk by Bill Vélez at the paraDIGMS 2020 Fall Conference:

MΣΣT a Mathematician!:

The Double Pendulum Fractal by Sam Maksimovich:

Geometry and the Imagination in Minneapolis:

Research Experiences for Mathematics Teachers at Illinois State:

Math PhD Programs: GRE requirements and Qualifying Exams (survey by Emily T. Winn):


Big Surf(aces) Seminar:

McNeese Leisure Learning:

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